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I might have to attribute my passion for organizing to my three amazing boys. Two of them are twins and all of them teenagers now, so with this crew, being organized feels as essential as a stocked fridge. But the truth is that I've always been an organizing enthusiast and I love sharing my gift with friends and clients to help them create spaces they enjoy living in. 

With a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and having worked as a Certified Personal Trainer for many years, I realize there is a strong connection between physical and mental organization. I actually started my organization business working for the clients that I train who wanted the whole 'package'.  They were getting their bodies in shape and then wanted to the the same for their homes and surroundings. I found my niche and I am loving helping others find ways to bring order to their lives and to end the chaos. 

I am focused, friendly, and treat every conversation and project with the utmost confidentiality. I'd love to help you make your house feel like home again! Please reach out and contact me to learn more about my organizing services.

Thank you!

Kristen Kindred


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